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Cardboard Coffin with a Custom Picture

We can help you create a pictorial cardboard coffin that captures your thoughts, feelings and memories in the most appropriate way, resulting in a unique tribute to your loved one. we can create a beautiful design based on any topic or theme, from traditional imagery to more unique or unusual designs. From colourful coffins to low-key coffins, from artistic themes to minimalist patterns, we will create a coffin based on your precise needs, encapsulating the life and passions of the deceased. Once we have an idea about the kind of coffin design that you want, we’ll aim to send you a visual proof within 48 hours by email. You can then decide if you want any changes made to the design. Once you’ve given us final approval, we’ll aim to deliver the personalised cardboard coffin to you within 4-6 days (Including standard delivery of 1-2 days)