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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my funeral director allow me to buy the coffin independently?

You are not obliged to purchase a coffin from your funeral director, but you should let them know your intentions.

Can the Coffins be used for a cremation?

All of the coffins we sell are suitable for burial or cremation and are normally supplied with load bearing handles and a solid flat cremation base with finger grips making them suitable for crematorium equipment. (Please note that not all coffins sold on-line on other websites are certified for quality and may not be acceptable for use by some funeral directors). They have all been tested specifically for cremation by Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd. in accordance with the Coffin and Casket testing protocol as laid out by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association. All of the coffins that we provide are independently tested and certified for quality by the  Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association (CCSA).

What size coffin will I need?

This would normally be the height of the person +2" and the width across the shoulders +2” (if you are not sure, call your funeral director to get this information).

Are the coffins entirely biodegradable?

Yes, they are entirely biodegradable. They contain no screws or fittings that aren’t natural.

Are the coffins produced ethically?

The coffins that we sell have all been produced by companies that treat their workers well and give them a fair wage. The ones crafted in China have Fair Trade status approved by The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). If you see cheaper willow and bamboo coffins online it is worth checking where and how they were made.

When is it best to place my order?

As soon as you can we advise that you order the coffin a minimum of four working days before the funeral, this will allow enough time to arrange a replacement if the coffin is damaged in transit, although this rarely happens.

How long does delivery take?

If you place an order before noon (Monday to Friday) we will aim to deliver the coffin within 1-3 days (Monday to Friday) in most cases it will be delivered next day but this is not a guaranteed.

Where will the coffin be delivered to?

You can have it delivered either to a private address or to a funeral director in the UK. We can ship to most locations outside of the UK for an additional shipping charge and possibly additional duty, please contact us to confirm this and the additional / duty charges via our contact form

How much does the coffin cost?

The price is displayed beside the image of the coffin, although in some cases the price does change based on the size, so click on the size drop down to see this. All the prices include VAT and standard delivery. Please select the size you require and if you require the standard name plate or select from the other options (additional cost) and add engraving (additional cost) if you require this., If you need some guidance click here to go to our "how to order guide".

Is there VAT on the coffin price?

There is no vat added to the cost that you see on the website, Vat is already included in the price, the invoice that we send you will show the VAT element.

How do I pay for the coffin?

You can pay be credit / debit card or PayPal, all of our payment transactions are handled by PayPal 

Will I get a receipt /Invoice?

We will send you an E-mail and a PDF invoice once you have placed your order and once the Coffin / Casket has been dispatched we will send you another E-mail confirming this  

How strong are the Coffins?

The coffins are very strong and tested to carry up to 150kg / 23 stone. The coffins handles are woven into the structure and are stronger than handles on a traditional coffin, all the coffins that we sell have been independently tested and certified.

Is the coffin lined?

All our coffins are lined with unbleached cotton liner.

Do I need a nameplate?

Most cemeteries and all crematoriums require a nameplate, It needs to have the legal name of the deceased and usually age or birth and death dates. You can add anything else as long as the above information is clear.

Do your coffins accommodate all heights?

We offer a wide range of sizes, ranging from 5’ 3” to 7’, on some of the large coffins there may be a slightly longer lead time.

What’s the difference between a coffin and a casket?

A coffin is wider at the shoulders than it is at the head or foot, while a casket is rectangular in shape, with straight sides between head and foot.

What’s the process to order a Coffin?

Our How to Order Guide takes you through the whole process.

What if I need a Coffin very quickly (next day) 

We can arrange for next day delivery (assuming it's a standard coffin that we have in stock) but the cost for this is usually very high dependant on location but please call us and we can confirm availability and the cost.