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Important information

We want to make the selection and buying process of an Eco friendly Coffin as easy as possible and we understand that not everyone will be aware of some of the key information for buying a coffin or what information that you need to consider before placing an order

Coffin / Casket Size 

We recommend that the internal dimensions are at least the height plus 2” (50mm) and the width of the shoulders plus 2” (50mm) of the deceased, if you need help with size conversion click here to go our conversion guide.


We supply a standard Bamboo blank name plate with every coffin, but we also offer other options. Click here or go to the Nameplate Tab for more details and pictures. 


You can either have the name plates engraved by us (using Engraving lines 1,2 & 3 when you order) or you can arrange for this to be done yourself or by your Funeral Director.

How strong are the coffins?

All our coffins are weight tested to carry 150 kg or 23 stone and can be reinforced further if necessary.

Can the coffins be used for a cremation?

All the coffins we sell are suitable for burial or cremation and are supplied with solid flat bases with finger grips and load bearing handles. They have all been tested specifically for cremation by Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd. in accordance with the Coffin and Casket testing protocol as laid out by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association.

If you are purchasing and cardboard coffin for a cremation, please check with you Funeral director if they require a Plywood base. All our standard cardboard coffins come with a cremation base, but some Crematoriums still require the base to be plywood.

What’s the difference between a coffin and a casket?

A coffin is wider at the shoulders than it is at the head or foot, while a casket is rectangular in shape, with straight sides between head and foot.


Included in the cost of every coffin is 1-3 business day delivery.  In most cases this is next day provided the order is received before noon, but this is not guaranteed,  for more details on delivery and delivery options click here.